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About Us

Designing & Developing Dreams Since 2015...

What We Do?

Understanding client's requirement is very important. We listen & we make the best plan that serves our client most!

Your dream project will be built with best materials purchased at best (resonable) prices from the best sources! Got it?

Your ground & environment tells us exactly what to do. Thus, we carry out soil test & digital surveys comprehensively.

While everybody is trying to become green, but we are already there! Making anything green & compliant is our motto!

We belive in harmony. Every design is an attempt to maximize your need preserving nature & environment around you.

Building new thing is good. But we are not done at just building new things. We retrofit, face-lift & do any support you need to live happily...

Industrial Trunkey Projects
DEA & MEP Projects
Residential & Commercial Constructions
Architectural Designs
Industrial Electrical, Fire & Safety Audit

A creative, agile & skilled team...

The team that meets all your demand without compromising any quality & integrity of the structure!

Your structures are in good hands. All the designs and developments are fully overseen by a driven, experienced & amazing team of civil engineers of BUET. Our talented Architects & Interior Designers compose masterpieces for your dream home…

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The Companies we worked with...


Efficiency, Transparency & Integrity
  1. We make sure that our design is efficient. As a result, you can use more space, need less energy to run day-to-day life, spend less to build your structure and worry the least to maintain it.

  2. We are transparent in every step of the way. We make it a point by informing everything to you so that we all can sleep well.

  3. Integrity is everything to us. We value our clients, as we value our family members. We love them & we serve them as one of us as well.


– Earthquake Resistant Designs

– National Building Code Compliance

– RAJUK Building Code Compliance

– ACCORD Factory Code Compliance

– International Building Code Compliance

– Retrofitting Boss

CSR Activities

– Free Mosque Deigns

– Free Low-Cost Housing Design

– Special Discount for Green Schools

– Special Discount for Charitable Organizations

– Zakat Fund

– Sadaka Fund

Those who work with us, enjoys to serve with their talent and time.

Quality Environment to Foster Talent

I feel that I am working with my friends here at Task

By Md. Kamruzzaman Shohug Managing Partner

I feel privileged working with such wonderful souls!

By Md. Niaz Mustaqeem Managing Partner

It feels awesome when I work with my talented colleagues

By Md. Jahidul Islam Partner, Design

Working in a team has a new meaning now!

By Tasnim Hyder Lead Structural Engineer

I drink tea, then some work and again some more tea. Cheers!

By A. M. Minhaz Reza Director, Marketing

I love it here. The stories & work, I enjoy all.

By Md. Rakibul Hasan Lead Transportation Engineer
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