Apex Tower

Apex Tower

Apex Tower is located in Notun Bazar, Mymensingh. The Full Area is 20 Katha/1 bigha and it is B+G+19 Storied building. It has 152 Apartment Two fire stairs, Four lifts, and a Separate cargo lift for garbage & services.

Apex Tower is a distinctive community-based apartment project comprising 152 owners. The owners desired identical flats throughout the entire building which was quite a challenging task, albeit achieved through deliberate crafting of comprehensive modular and precision design. The ground floor consists of a spacious parking bay with drop-off along with a separate entrance for facilitating cars as well as motorcycles.

Typical floor bedrooms are placed with appropriate orientation in the north-south facade for best exposure and ventilation of light and air respectively. The void is placed in such a manner that a tunnel effect is created to boost up the already enhanced cross-ventilation process. Lift lobby corridors lead towards the front facade which contains green community space for harmonizing with the natural environment as well as acting as a buffer from the front road.

The safety grill is designed in such a way that it maintains coherent design aspects throughout the building. All the veranda contains a dedicated planter box for vertical air quality enhancement which could be properly maintained within the veranda itself. This landmark project will serve as a noteworthy iconic example of excellence in the execution of design for a community-based apartment project.


Notun Bazar, Mymensingh


1 Bigha


B + G + 19

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