Matin Abode

Client: M. A. Matin
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Alib Composite Limited
Location: Sector 7, Uttara
Site Details: 2500 sqf
Work Details: Premium Interior Design
Custom Furniture Design
Complete Implementation
Work Summary: For this work, we have reshaped the full apartment! We ensured
1. Proper Ventilation,
2. Natural Light,
3. Comfort in All Seasons
4. Eye-soothing Color Combination
5. Area-wise Cabinet and Space Allocation
6. Open Kitchen with Wooden Partition for Closing Option
We are extremely happy that our client provided us full freedom to design and work! We are proud that we gave our fullest expertise to ensure that the client becomes happy! And we have got it! The first impression of Mr. & Mrs. Matin was priceless and they were elated to see such a beautiful transformation of their dream home!
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