Project Name: “Essence”
Project type: Vacation Home
Site Area: 20 Katha
Built Area: 4000 sqft (Triplex Residence)
Location: Jessore
Status: Under construction
Client’s Name: Md. Raju Ahmed
The impressive triplex offers the quintessential luxurious accommodation for experiencing a pleasant holiday for a large family vacation and will provide an exceptional home-away-from-home feeling and guarantee a great quality time in a heavenly setting amongst nature.

The building is designed as itself as part of nature and while living, you will find yourself close to nature. Along with the classy architectural design, you would not experience any visible structural framing although robustness against earthquakes is ensured in structural design complying Bangladesh National Building code.

Keeping in mind the fact of global warming and hotter summers with more extreme heat waves will become the norm during its life span, the exceptional building is positioned along a north-south direction considering seasonal variations in the sun’s path as well as prevailing wind patterns that lead to the energy-efficient, comfortable to live in and cheaper to run. It is designed in such a way that good orientation, combined with other energy efficiency features will reduce or even eliminate the need for auxiliary heating and cooling, resulting in lower energy bills, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and improved comfort.

The east and west walls of each bedroom are treated with a cavity wall ensuring Zero possibility of outer moisture traveling into the inner wall and working as a damp barrier hence reducing cooling costs. Additional attention to the shading of windows, walls, and exposure to cool breezes aims to exclude direct sun by using trees to shade every facade year-round while capturing and funneling cooling breezes.

This 4000 sft. Triplex has 7 bedrooms; 6 attached washrooms with one additional common washroom, where every washroom is properly separated for the dry, semi-wet, and wet zone. Bathroom floors’ tiles are impervious to water and slip-resistant but attractive.

The double-height living room was designed specifically to foster visual connectivity from both levels with the greenery outside & one large dining room being connected to the extended outdoor kitchen for having an exquisite outdoor dining experience. First-floor roof act as a terrace encompassing the BBQ area. Security grill could be conveniently kept open or closed like a French door for better green views.

The giant entry door of 20 feet leads towards the foyer along with mesmerizing coherent indoor-outdoor synergy. The floating stair contains a plantation enclosed within making you feel like walking in the green. The main entry at the north side of the building contains a water fountain for satisfying, relaxing, and nerve-soothing feelings while entering the building. It seems like there is an intrinsic connection and harmony between indoor and outdoor spaces.




G + 2


20 Katha / 4000 sqft

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