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Eco House by Architect Arosha Gamage

Eco House by Architect Arosha Gamage
Project details
Year 2010
Client Mr. Prasan De Silva
Cost LKR 15 Million
Status Completed works
Type Single-family residence
Designed in accordance with a ‘Bio-mimicry’ approach, the house mimics a tropical ecosystem with an advanced, unique simplicity that directs the project’s concept of ‘more with less’. Mapping nature’s ecosystem characteristics and identifying ecological strategies of ‘integration and adaptation’ helped determine synthesis of form, spaces and fabric, which fit well with the existing environment. This strategy helped to naturally ventilate, to get maximum sun light and to reduce heat absorption. Re-use of materials, minimum use of energy and rustic finishes were sustained for easy and low maintenance. The transparency of materials and their character add value to the concept of ‘designing with nature’. Substituting conventional windows with timber and iron grills enables natural ventilation and cast light patterns to eliminate the different moods of day and night. Discarded and reusable railway sleepers are utilised above the courtyards as a security measure to help shield against the heavy monsoon rains beating into the house. Having less building footprint (through reducing the floor area ratio by covering only 25% of the land) eliminates waste spaces, promotes efficient use of resources and minimum use of material, which in turn help advance in achieving ecological sustainability.

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